Cardinals (XIX)

TeamCARDINALS 0Norberto Talavera QuarterbackWide ReceiverCornerback 0AJ Torrecilla Wide ReceiverSafety 0Andres Rodriguez (Andy) RusherWide ReceiverCornerback 1Rey Bermudez (Steady) Cornerback 0Victor Lugo QuarterbackRusherWide ReceiverCenterCornerbackSafety 0Roger Tomas QuarterbackRusherWide ReceiverCenterCornerbackSafety View All Players

Steelers (XIX)

TeamSteelers 0Joshua Arroliga Quarterback 0Carlos Lopez RusherWide ReceiverCenterCornerback 1Jason Castellanos Wide ReceiverCornerback 1Chris Zuozo RusherWide ReceiverCenterCornerback 0Monkey Portobanco Wide Receiver 0Michael Lazo Center View All Players

Jaguars (XIX)

TeamJaguars Some description text for this item 0Cristian Martinez QuarterbackWide ReceiverCenter 1Adrian Martinez RusherWide ReceiverCornerback 0Norman Porras RusherWide ReceiverCornerback 0Bryan Baez Wide ReceiverCenterCornerback 1Nickholas Quiroga QuarterbackWide ReceiverCornerback 0Alexander Gonzalez Center View All Players

Chiefs (XIX)

TeamChiefs Some description text for this item 0Jon Pavlou (Stritz) Quarterback 0Peter Delgado Wide ReceiverCornerbackSafety 1Chris Martinez Wide ReceiverCornerback 0Luis Valdes RusherWide ReceiverCenterCornerbackSafety 1Freddy Semino QuarterbackWide ReceiverCornerback 0Eric Montes de Oca Wide Receiver View All Players

Packers (XIX)

TeamPACKERS Some description text for this item 0Peter Mirabal Wide Receiver 0Danny Dominguez Wide Receiver 0Joel Couto RusherWide ReceiverCenterCornerbackSafety 0Israel Zagales Wide Receiver 0Gianny Aguilar Wide ReceiverCenterCornerback 0Fresko RusherCornerback View All Players

Colts (XIX)

TeamCOLTS Some description text for this item 0Dario Tejera Quarterback 0Daniel “Dalex” Ramirez Wide ReceiverCornerback 0Michael Valdes Cornerback 0Angel Alvarez Wide ReceiverCenterCornerback 3Gerson Rodriguez Wide ReceiverCenter 0Jose Cabrera RusherCenter View All Players

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