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Do you love flag football? Do you love competition? Do you enjoy being a part of a league that has a Draft, Stats, Trades, and trash talking? Are you willing to lead a team to wins instead of being carried by stacked teams? If you answered yes to these questions, then Done Deal Sports is the perfect place for you! Done Deal is a league where you really see who makes a difference on both sides of the ball (Offense & Defense). Here is how it works:
1. Registration: Players go on the website ( or contact an administrator pay the league fee and fill out all required forms and player profile.
2. Scrimmages: Players are then required to attend scrimmages and or a combine where admins will scout player and determine a league rank for player.
3. Rankings: Admin will then gather and announce the top players of the season and select them as captains.
4. Draft: The top players will then draft players from the rest of the pool of players left on the board, which will create the teams for the season.
5. Season: Teams will then play a schedule against each other to determine standings.
6. Trades: Trades are allowed if there is no collusion involved. All trades must have approval from Admin.
7. Free Agents: If a player goes down due to injury and is considered out for season. Team may get a free agent signing if approved by Admin.
8. Skills Challenge: Once the season is over there will be a Skills challenge that will occur right before playoffs.
9. Playoffs/Finals: Playoffs will be single elimination & the Finals will be best of 3 series.
A champion will be announced and there will be all kinds of awards passed out from league MVP to Worst Refs. If that’s not enough, Done Deal also has all kinds of analysis through out the season; Power Rankings, Hot Seat, Stud & Dud of the week, Weekly Pick’ems and so much more. Don’t wait! Spots fill up fast. Contact us now!

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